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41% of consumers choose doctors and hospitals based, in part, on social media information. Social media and healthcare are a powerful combination that can help practices connect with users. However,

Google gets 3.5 billion searches daily, and 4.74 billion people use social media daily. With those numbers, it’s clear why businesses utilize ads on those platforms. But when comparing Google

When deciding where to focus their marketing efforts, many companies need guidance on splitting resources between email marketing and social media. Social media fans think email marketing is dead (even

Adults spend 103 minutes on average per day watching videos on their devices. 85% of social media users want more video content from brands. Connect with potential customers where they’re

​​Snapchat changed the social media game when it released its Stories feature in late 2013. This capability quickly blew up. Individuals and businesses began posting temporary but intimate peeks into

Employers often claim that their employees are their greatest asset. Although admirable, this sentiment can easily become superficial or expressed only to encourage recruitment. Overall, turnover among U.S. workers has

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