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8 of The Best Corporate Videos of All Time

Corporate video marketing continues to be on the rise for most businesses. Both consumers and potential employees want to see more video content from brands.

Forge Apollo is an award-winning corporate video production company based in Philadelphia. Today, we’re sharing some of the top corporate video examples we’ve seen to help inspire your video strategy.

What are Corporate Videos, and Why are They Important?

Corporate videos are any type of videos that share information about or promote your brand. Examples include facility tours, company culture videos, recruitment, services or products offered, hero videos, testimonials, and more.

Corporate videos help brands define their image and build trust with their audience. This can support several goals, from increasing brand awareness and understanding to improving recruitment and retention.

8 Top Corporate Video Examples

1. Tesla Factory Tour

Factory or other facility tours give your audience an inside look at your operations to build trust. Tesla uses a unique method to provide a tour of their Giga Berlin factory in this video. Using a drone to capture the footage gives viewers an inside look at many areas of the factory that would not even be accessible to a human walking through.

This helps people interested in the brand better understand their car production in a memorable way.

2. Slack – The Big Meeting

It can be challenging to highlight product features in a way that catches attention and is memorable. In this video, Slack uses a musical theme to call out the common pain point of the large production many meetings become and how their product features can alleviate that.

Plus, the fun and catchy nature of the video grabs attention and makes it more memorable.

3. Apple – The Greatest

In this video, Apple highlights product features that improve accessibility for users. Showing authentic use cases for these features, rather than listing them out with a diagram, humanizes them and imparts an impactful message.

4. MADabolic Franchisee Video

Accurately portraying your brand’s culture, values, and overall vibe can be challenging when trying to promote it. Especially when encouraging franchisees to join, it’s crucial to reflect your brand accurately. MADabloic uses on-brand messaging, music, and dynamic shots to introduce its brand to franchisees in this video.

5. PA Steel 50th Anniversary Video

Commemorating critical moments in a brand’s history is a great use case for video. In this video, Pennsylvania Steel Co. celebrates its 50th anniversary with an immersive story about its history.

6. Hilton Enclave Brand Video

In this video, Hilton introduces its new Enclave-level package with stunning visuals of guests experiencing its delights. Again, this video highlights the various features of a service while staying on-brand and engaging to delight viewers.

7. HubSpot CRM Tutorial

HubSpot took on the challenge of promotion and product understanding and addressed them both in this video. By structuring it as a tutorial, people interested in the platform will tune in. However, it also functions as a demo and a sales highlight of how users can use the features to help nurture an already interested audience toward purchasing the software.

8. American Express Testimonial Video

Testimonial videos are always a powerful way to highlight the impact of your product or service. In this video, American Express highlights five businesses’ experiences with American Express. This helps build trust with the viewer and helps them understand how American Express can benefit their business.

Corporate Video Frequently Asked Questions

How can a business determine the right type of corporate video to produce based on its goals and target audience?

To choose the appropriate type of corporate video, businesses should start by clearly defining their objectives. Are they looking to increase brand awareness, improve employee recruitment, showcase a new product, or perhaps explain a complex service? Understanding the goal helps in selecting the type of video that would be most effective. For example, a product demonstration video could best showcase a new product, while a company culture video might be more suitable for recruitment efforts. Additionally, knowing the target audience is crucial. Different demographics may respond better to other video styles, such as more formal presentations versus casual and engaging stories.

Are there any guidelines or best practices for creating a compelling script or storyboard for a corporate video?

Creating an engaging and effective script or storyboard involves a few key steps. First, ensure the message aligns with the video’s purpose and speaks directly to the target audience. Keeping the message clear and focused is vital. Try not to cover too many topics in one video. Use a narrative structure with a clear beginning, middle, and end, and include a call-to-action that guides the audience on what to do next. Visual elements in the storyboard should complement the script, illustrating key points and making the content more engaging. Feedback from a diverse group within the company can also offer insights that refine the script or storyboard further.

What metrics should businesses look at to measure the success and impact of their corporate videos?

The metrics to evaluate the success of corporate videos can vary based on the video’s objectives. However, some common indicators include view count, which provides a basic idea of reach; engagement metrics such as likes, shares, and comments, which can indicate how the content resonates with viewers; and conversion rates, especially if the video includes a call-to-action. For videos aimed at brand awareness, metrics like increased search volume for the brand or improved brand sentiment on social media can be valuable. For recruitment videos, an increase in job applications or inquiries can directly indicate success. Analyzing these metrics can offer insights into what works and doesn’t, guiding future video marketing strategies.

Work With a Corporate Video Production Company

Are you feeling inspired by these corporate video examples? Video ideas are one thing, but production is an entirely different beast. Forge Apollo provides corporate video production in the Philadelphia area. Contact us today to discuss your next video idea or get strategy tips from our digital marketing team on how to best use your video assets.

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