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6 Key Components of a Digital Tourism Marketing Strategy

Digital tourism marketing is the way to reach new audiences in the modern day. However, staying current on effective strategies with constant innovation takes time and effort.

How can your brand get started with an effective strategy?

Forge Apollo is a video and digital marketing agency for travel brands. Today, we’re sharing the six primary components every tourism digital marketing strategy should start with.

1. Website

A website is the heart of a brand’s digital presence. Every other tourism digital marketing effort will link back to your website. Plus, 69.8% of travelers use search engines to plan their trips.

To appear in search results and run effective campaigns, a travel brand’s website should include the following:

  • A modern, accessible design
  • Excellent user experience
  • Effective copywriting
  • Consistent branding

For example, Philadelphia-based travel digital marketing agency Forge Apollo redesigned The Grand Victorian Hotel’s website when ICONA Resorts acquired it to match ICONA’s branding and provide a better user experience.


2. Search Ads

Remember when we said 69.8% of travelers use search engines for planning? Pay-per-click search engine advertisements ensure your brand appears in key results areas when users seek destinations, travel logistics, accommodations, and activities.

These ads are a crucial part of your strategy for meeting potential travelers where they’re looking for you.

3. Organic & Paid Social

It’s no secret that people love to share their travel experiences on social media. But did you know that they also search for their next vacation plan there?

48% of people use Instagram to help choose vacation destinations, and 35% discover new places when scrolling.

It’s essential that your brand is present on your organic page. Paid advertisements on social also play an important role in strategy.

Brands can hyper-target social ads to reach their target audience based on attributes like age, gender, location, interests, and more. Paid social ads put you in front of your audience when they’re in a relaxed, scrolling state of mind.

Plus, retargeting options allow you to target people who have already taken actions like visiting your website or clicking other ads to stay top of mind.

4. Video Content

91% of businesses use video for marketing efforts, and 87% say it has helped increase sales. If your brand isn’t using video marketing, you’re already behind.

The best tourism campaigns use video because it resonates emotionally with the viewer. For example, Forge Apollo produced a video to resonate with a resort brand’s audience to share via email to drive millions of dollars in incremental revenue and bookings.

Some video production partners can help you maximize your ROI from a single video shoot by producing content you can use in organic and paid campaigns across multiple platforms. For example, Forge Apollo created over 240 high-end assets from a single shoot for AMR.

5. Blog Content

Websites with a blog have 434% more pages indexed in search results. Blogs typically target longer keywords lower in competition and farther down in the funnel. They answer specific questions your target audience has and move them towards conversion.

Plus, they help you rank better in search engines by giving more context to your expertise and showing search engines that your website stays fresh.

For example, posts about popular activities in your area or tips for traveling to your location can help move potential customers down the funnel toward conversion.

6. Email

Email marketing nurtures leads toward conversion and convinces current customers to purchase again.

When someone shares their contact information by signing up for a newsletter or filling out a form, for example, lead nurturing campaigns use strategic messaging to move them down the funnel toward purchase. 

It’s easier to upsell your current customers than acquire new ones. Sharing updates, new activities, or exclusive deals with existing customers can increase bookings.

Turn to Forge Apollo for Tourism Marketing

These six components can help your brand create a solid digital marketing strategy. Combining digital and video marketing backs Forge Apollo’s effective travel marketing strategies. Contact Forge Apollo in Philadelphia for professional video and digital marketing to drive your travel business.

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