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How to Maximize ROI from Travel Ads with a Content Library

90% of travelers perform research for their trips online. Travel brands need to create and promote high-quality content to stay top of mind with these travelers.

But how can brands maximize ROI on the dollars put into these travel ads? Creating a robust Content Library increases ROI and return on ad spend (ROAS) with visual interest, consistent branding, and efficient production costs.

The travel digital and video marketing experts at Forge Apollo are here to explain how this strategy can increase your return on investment.

The Importance of Ad Creative

When planning and analyzing advertisements, many brands only consider the cost of running the ads. However, ad creative, like captions, images, and videos, heavily influences the success of your advertisements.

Producing high-quality ad creative improves the ROI of ad spend because it grabs audiences’ attention better and helps motivate them to convert. The right ad creative for your audience will stand out because it speaks to them.

Partnering with a production agency can help you identify and produce the correct content. As both a digital and video marketing agency, for example, Forge Apollo’s team has insight into how to create high-quality content and which types of content and visuals perform well.

Improving ROI With the Content Library Strategy

The content library strategy produces a vast library of content in different formats from a limited number of shoots (in many cases, only one).

This library of assets provides ROI over time by not only engaging users with high-quality content but also offering a well of fresh content with consistent branding. It enhances travel advertising and provides visual assets for travel marketing across platforms like websites, social media, and emails.

For example, tourism marketing agency Forge Apollo worked with the AMR Breathless Resort to produce a content library of 245 high-end assets from one shoot. Explore part of the AMR content library for an example of what this looks like.

Let’s dive further into how exactly this helps return on investment.

Reduce Ad Fatigue in Travel Ad Campaigns

When an audience sees an ad too many times, they stop paying attention, known as ad fatigue. This damages ROI by lowering the effectiveness of a brand’s ads.

One way to combat ad fatigue is to rotate the creative on your ads. A content library lets you swap out the images or videos on ads so your audiences are always intrigued.

Memorable Branding Across Platforms

Presenting a consistent visual message to audiences across platforms helps them connect to you better. People start to remember your brand after five to seven impressions, and consistent branding can increase revenue by 33%.

Creating a content library allows you to present a consistent experience for potential customers.

For example, one shoot can produce videos and images in different aspect ratios and lengths for use in the following platforms:

  • Social media posts, stories, and ads
  • YouTube videos and ads
  • Commercials
  • Website design
  • Email marketing
  • Print ads
  • And more

Each video and image is customized for use and is different enough to keep the audience interested. Consistent branding, through coloring, tone, logos, and more, builds a strong visual impression of your brand to stay top of mind when people are ready to book travel.

More Efficient Creative Expenses

Hiring a professional to shoot new videos or photos whenever you want a new travel advertisement adds up. The content library model combines the production expenses for multiple assets into one shoot.

From that shoot, you’ll have a sizable initial library of content. Then, if you want a new specific tourism advertisement, editing expenses to cut one from the existing library of footage are much lower than paying to produce one fully from scratch.

Build Your Creative Library With Forge Apollo

To start building a content library to maximize ROI in your travel marketing, contact the video and digital marketing experts at Forge Apollo. We can transform your tourism campaigns with high-quality video and photo assets.

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