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99% of consumers check their email daily, with some checking up to 20 times a day. The email inbox is valuable for brands, especially when contacts want to hear from

Healthcare email marketing allows practices to retain and further engage existing patients while potentially attracting new ones. The average open rate for healthcare emails is 23.7%. That’s higher than the

Only 83% of emails make it to the recipient’s inbox. Do you find yourself asking, “Why are my emails going to spam?” You have a message to share with your

When deciding where to focus their marketing efforts, many companies need guidance on splitting resources between email marketing and social media. Social media fans think email marketing is dead (even

58% of people check email before they check the news or social media in the morning. There’s no doubt that email marketing is a powerful tool to reach potential customers.

In the ever-shifting digital marketing landscape, marketers ask themselves, “Is email marketing dead?” According to the statistics, email marketing is alive and well. It’s a thriving tool to drive growth

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