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With 89% of potential patients searching for healthcare providers on Google, a solid search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is critical to the success of your practice. However, knowing where to

People seek out local information in 46% of Google searches. Considering there are 8.5 billion Google searches daily, many people want services “near me.” So how can your business appear

91% of marketers increased their website traffic using video marketing. Video is essential for SEO because it increases user engagement, conversions, and backlinks. But when posting videos to YouTube and

Businesses often believe that websites must appeal to everyone in their audience to serve their customers. This goal is unattainable – every visitor and member of your audience experiences your

Video marketing content has been booming on websites and social channels over the last few years. But how does a visual medium fit into your SEO strategy? Traditionally, SEO has

If there is one strategy to change year over year frequently, it’s SEO. Every year, Google and other search engines update their algorithms to show users the best possible results.

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