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8 Social Media Post Ideas for Healthcare Practices

41% of consumers choose doctors and hospitals based, in part, on social media information. Social media and healthcare are a powerful combination that can help practices connect with users. However, what a practice posts can make or break their credibility.

Philadelphia-based Forge Apollo has expertise in social media in healthcare, so we’re here to share our best social media post ideas for your practice.

With any posts utilizing patient photos or other information, be sure to obtain explicit consent so you do not violate HIPAA guidelines.

1. Meet the Provider

Introduce your providers to your audience so they can get to know their credentials, personality, and capabilities.

You could post this as an image with a detailed caption (like the example below) or as an interview-style Reel, Story, or TikTok.

This is also a great post to make when a provider first joins your practice or moves service locations.


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A post shared by Contour Dermatology (@contourderm)

2. Before and Afters

For some medical practices, like cosmetic dentistry or plastic surgery, before and after posts are a very effective way to show off the powerful results of treatment.

These can take the form of a side-by-side image, carousel post, or a video on a Reel or Story.

3. Inspirational Stories

If before and after posts don’t work for your type of practice, inspirational stories are another powerful way to communicate the impact of your care.

For example, in this Reel, Main Line Health demonstrates how occupational therapy is helping a patient work towards his goal of deep sea fishing again.


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A post shared by Main Line Health (@mainlinehealth)

In this example, Penn Medicine shares a young patient’s journey with a hip replacement.


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A post shared by Penn Medicine (@pennmedicine)

4. Lean Into Trends & Current Events

Your practice doesn’t need to be stiffly buttoned up online to be taken seriously as medical professionals. Take advantage of current events and trends to make fun posts that resonate with your audience, promote your practice, and even share the causes you’re passionate about.

For example, OSU Wexner Medical Center made this post after the 2024 Super Bowl using an image of Travis Kelce to promote women in science.

In this video, they used a popular video template to promote Heart Health Month.

5. Raise Awareness

Use your social platform to raise awareness for the conditions, months, and events related to your service area.

For example, Columbia Medicine made this video to raise awareness for American Heart Month with heart-healthy tips (and a healthy dose of humor with Super Bowl references).


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A post shared by Columbia Medicine (@columbiamed)

6. Educational Posts

Patients come to medical professionals for their specialized expertise. Show off that expertise by sharing educational content to help your audience live a healthier lifestyle.

For example, in this Reel, a doctor shares tips about tactics people can take to prevent breast cancer.


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A post shared by Columbia Medicine (@columbiamed)

In this post, Cleveland Clinic shares information about heart palpitations.


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A post shared by Cleveland Clinic (@clevelandclinic)

7. Share Resources

Share resources that can help your audience outside of their visits to your office. You can share information for helplines, community events and support, and more.

For example, in this post, Main Line Health shares the contact information for the Suicide and Crisis Hotline for those struggling around the holidays.


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A post shared by Main Line Health (@mainlinehealth)

In this post, Penn Medicine shares that they offer cancer screenings in Philadelphia’s underserved neighborhoods.


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A post shared by Penn Medicine (@pennmedicine)

8. Answer FAQs

Answering common medical FAQs can be a great way to connect with your audience with the information they want to know.

You can make a quick video, graphic, or carousel post calling out the question and sharing the answer. For example, Northwestern Medicine answered, “What is a hangover, and why do some people not get them?” in this video.

In this carousel post, Boston Children’s Hospital answers how to tell if the flu, a cold, or something is the cause of a child’s symptoms.

Keep in Mind!

When posting reels or stories on Instagram or Facebook, there are safe zones that brands should be mindful of to prevent important information from being obstructed by elements like buttons and captions. Download our free Meta safe zone template to make sure your posts look the way you want them to.

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Reach Out With Help for Social Media in Healthcare

Thinking of new post ideas for healthcare social media can be a challenge. That’s why Forge Apollo offers social media marketing in Philadelphia and nationwide. Our team of experts is here to help you connect with your audience with creative, authentic social media content. Contact us today to discuss your healthcare marketing needs.

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