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How Premium Visual Content Benefits Your Brand

Why Your Business Needs High-Quality Imagery… Yesterday

High quality content captivates your audience and persuades them to take action. Any premium product or service you offer requires an accurate visual representation. Today’s customers favor brands that deliver top-quality, relevant content that directly benefits them. Your marketing content’s purpose is providing value to acquire leads; whether viewers just want entertainment or require detailed data. 

The Value of Professional Content Creation

Forge Apollo’s Content Creator, Brock Lavalla, spends his days composing world-class photos and videos for Forge Apollo and our diverse clientele. Below, he expresses the benefits and challenges of creating premium content that targets the modern consumer.

How do you use content to express yourself and your interests?

Brock: “I feel as if the content I create really tells a lot about me. When I create something, it usually comes from a song that I like, a hobby of mine, or even some kind emotion that I felt that day. It is a great way to document the things you enjoy most and scratch that creative itch at the same time.”

Lavalla utilizes his skills to share his hobbies and life experiences with his followers. For example, check out this clip of a snorkeling session with his buds!



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What content creation tool(s) can’t you live without? 

Brock: “Adobe Premiere and Lightroom are essential to my content creation process. Without that software, there is no way I could bring my ideas to life.”

What is the most challenging part of creating digital content (in your opinion)?

Brock: “The hardest part is really coming up with new concepts and ideas. Being that you’re supposed to be posting almost daily, it can be hard to think of new ideas with a schedule like that. Sure there are social trends that you can follow, but you still have to find ways for it to correlate with your brand. The social train is always moving and you have to keep up with it or you can definitely get left behind.”

What advice do you have for those looking to advance their skills in this field?

Brock: “I would say to never be afraid to take inspiration from others in the same space. You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel with content creation. Not saying you shouldn’t still come up with your own unique ideas, but with how the space works it is totally fine to take another creator’s concept and put your own spin on it. We live in a world of trends and the best way to grow is to post as much as possible and learn what works and what doesn’t.”

How does posting behind-the-scenes and exclusive content benefit a brand?

Brock: “People love seeing how things work and what people do. Behind the scenes shows who the people are that are making the content that you’re consuming. It can help build a personal connection with the company and the people in it because it shows some personality. The reason vlog youtubers are so popular is because viewers can feel a sense of relatability and in the end that helps retention.”

When it comes to the production process, viewers love getting an exclusive peek into life on set. Forge Apollo leverages exciting Behind-The-Scenes content whenever possible, like in this montage of BTS beach footage from Wildwoods, NJ!



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Why should brands invest in high-quality content vs. homemade content?

Brock: “High quality content shows that your brand is professional. You would want your advertising to match the quality of your product.”

What can businesses do/post online to gain their audience’s trust?

Brock: “Show that they’re involved in their community. For example, I follow a lot of ski/snowboard brands and they always post about events they hold or put spotlights on certain individuals that deserve it. It puts them on the same pedestal as you and shows that they care about their consumers.”

Why is premium video a good marketing tool?

Brock: “Premium video might be one of the best marketing tools at the moment because of the way apps like Tiktok and Instagram work. Not only can a video be a good way to advertise and show what your brand is about, but now it has the ability to reach millions with short form content. Premium video content can take you further than any other marketing tool currently because of the way it is being distributed.”

Digital Content Creation Services from Leading Philadelphia Marketing Agency

The Forge Apollo team takes immense pride in delivering pristine photos and videos that deliver a defined brand image. We curate this high-quality content for use across all marketing channels, including email, social, print ads, and more. For instance, a single shoot for AMR Resorts supplied them with hundreds of premium assets.

Targeted content marketing can spark overwhelming success for your business if implemented correctly. An archive of premium assets is the backbone of an effective content strategy. Forge Apollo employs years of technical expertise and in-depth research to compose top-notch content that:

  • Encourages conversions
  • Generates leads
  • Builds trust and authority
  • Elevates brand image

Our creative team delivers high-quality photos, curated videos, custom graphics, or other advanced imagery that caters to your brand’s needs. Contact us to bring your vision to life with Forge Apollo’s professional marketing services.

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