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How to Generate Leads with Video Marketing

Drive revenue and growth with high-quality digital assets and commercial video ads.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the process of producing video content and using it for promotional or marketing purposes. Today’s successful video marketing campaigns prioritize creating value for viewers over closing sales.

Marketers bombard target audiences with constant marketing stimuli. Despite this oversaturation, video content continues to thrive in mainstream media, with 86% of businesses using video as a marketing tool. Any professional video marketing agency understands the need for high-quality content in digital campaigns. But Forge Apollo achieves top-notch video lead generation using a fresh, creative approach to digital marketing.

How to Generate Leads with Video Marketing

Quality video content is undoubtedly beneficial for any brand. But there’s no simple answer for how to generate leads with video marketing. Plus, videos need strategic implementation in your marketing campaigns for peak performance. Sharing irrelevant videos without context or meaning provides no value to your audience. Follow Forge Apollo’s best practices for effective video lead generation to drive revenue while captivating audiences:

1. Understand Your Audience

A detailed understanding of your audience is the first step towards developing any successful marketing strategy. If you don’t know what your customer wants, how can you provide it for them? In-depth and accurate buyer personas are the key to delivering valuable content. Video marketing is no exception. What sort of videos are your target audiences dying to see, and how can you satisfy that need? Brands make a considerable impression with commercial video ads that feel more like entertainment than advertisements. Take Forge Apollo’s promotional Hero video for Wildwoods:

2. Optimize Video on Landing Pages

Video content is undeniably the most eye-catching aspect of a page. Viewers spend 2.6x more time on landing pages featuring a video. More importantly, landing pages with video have 80% higher conversions than those without video. Use your video landing page to convey brand values, promotions, or niche content. Then, ensure media files are properly embedded and tagged for search engine optimization (SEO).

3. Leverage the Power of Social Media

Earlier, we emphasized the importance of telling compelling stories to your audience through video. The most efficient avenue for purposeful, lead-driven story-telling is social media platforms. Social posts are more likely to reach your audience organically, presenting a great opportunity to build brand awareness. Plus, engaging and interacting with other creators on social networks facilitates community-building. Get familiar with your target market and industry leaders through fun, relatable video content.


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Most social media platforms, specifically Instagram, prioritize video (or Reels) posts over static images and text posts in their algorithm. Share your videos (with proper formatting!) to your social media accounts for broader reach.

4. Include Videos in Email Campaigns

According to MailChimp, the average open rate for business emails is just over 20%. If your readers take the time to open your email, make it worth the effort. Your email subject line gets them to open the mail, so leverage internal video content to keep them interested. Including a unique, high-quality video in your email campaigns can seriously boost traffic:

  • The word “Video” in a subject line can increase open rates by 6%
  • 64% of consumers are more likely to buy after seeing a video
  • 65% of executives visit your site after seeing a video
  • Video users get 41% more search traffic than non-users

5. Remember a Compelling Call to Action

Audiences need explicit directions. What do you want the viewer to do? Make this request confident, definitive, and persuasive. Personalize your CTA to reflect the action viewers need to take to achieve maximum results. 

Need more guidance on writing the perfect CTA? The strategists at Forge Apollo offer a handful of creative CTA examples to help secure leads for your business.

Download our free guide on best practices for SEO when posting YouTube videos.

Meet Our Philadelphia Video Marketing Agency – Experts in Impactful Video Lead Generation

The best types of ads generate leads and drive revenue while inspiring your audience. Only a professional video marketing agency like Forge Apollo can ensure results through premium content creation and strategy. Every business owner wants to know how to generate leads that will increase ROI. Our team of experts streamlines this process by implementing countless hours of market research and technical practice to carry out a cutthroat content strategy for your brand.

The most effective commercial video ads don’t feel like a marketing campaign to viewers. Captivate your customers organically with video lead generation tactics from Forge Apollo. We help you reach and convert your target audience with expert content strategy and creation. Contact our Philadelphia video marketing agency to jumpstart your promotional campaign with high-quality digital assets today.

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