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What’s an Explainer Video and Why Does My Brand Need Them?

Marketers often regard video content as the future of content marketing. But there’s no doubt that, presently, video has massive success in marketing campaigns. Businesses need premium video content here and now, and explainer videos are a great way to start. Their versatility means brands can leverage this content on social media, landing pages, emails, and more.

What is an Explainer Video?

True to its name, an explainer video highlights specifics of a product or service. This content format is also effective for answering frequently asked questions. Usually composed in short form, this video type explains the uses, benefits, and purpose behind what a brand offers. Essentially, an explainer video should answer the following question: how do you solve your customers’ problems?

Types of Explainer Videos

  • Live-Action Explainer Video: filmed with real people or actors, typically used for people-oriented brands looking to evoke emotions
  • Screencast Explainer Video: uses a combination of screen recordings and voiceovers, usually to demonstrate the features of a program or app
  • Animated Explainer Video: leverages 2D or 3D animation to showcase more abstract or conceptual information
  • Whiteboard Explainer Video: a popular type of animated explainer video, this features a sequence of simple drawings (typically on a whiteboard, chalkboard, or notebook paper) to illustrate a concept
  • Live Stream Explainer Video: a live-action video recorded and streamed to an audience in real-time, often utilized for events or ceremonies

5 Components of an Effective Explainer Video

Explainer videos aren’t optional in today’s digital marketing space. They’re a vital tool for acquisition and retention. To create an effective explainer video, follow the guidelines for the five most important components below.

1. Tell a Compelling Story.

Storytelling is perhaps the most essential aspect of content marketing, video or otherwise. Good storytellers make the audience (potential customers) the hero in their journey toward fulfillment (satisfaction with purchase). Viewers clearly see the value in a brand when an explainer video tells a great story while remaining purposeful.

2. Follow a Written Script or Storyboard.

Always create a plan before starting a video project. This plan typically includes a script or traditional storyboard that outlines the video’s objectives, materials, and chronological order. A proper storyboard details the sequence of events, scenery, props, and the language necessary for a successful production. Generally, an explainer video script includes a summary of the problem, its ultimate solution, and a call to action (CTA).

3. Prioritize High Resolution and Sound Quality.

Poor video quality hurts credibility. After all, why would someone invest in a company that doesn’t invest in its brand image? Sharp, high-quality imagery shows that the business values quality in every project they create. Our video production company in Philadelphia prioritizes masterful composition, reflecting our commitment to quality.

4. Ensure All Content is Concise and To-The-Point.

Take the subject matter seriously, and keep the video short and simple. Consolidating information helps viewers easily digest information. They remain engaged longer when content is easy to follow.

5. Use Simple, Common Language.

Similarly, advanced or technical language is often hard to follow. Stray away from complex terminology unless necessary. When in doubt, default to layman’s terms; use everyday language that target audiences can follow. Also, don’t forget to include closed captioning for added accessibility.

How Explainers Benefit a Brand

Are explainer videos effective for marketing a brand? What do these types of videos help a business accomplish? Wyzowl reveals that 96% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. They’re easily digestible and highly shareable, increasing their likelihood of acquiring and generating leads. When backed by a top-notch content strategy, an explainer video production can boost a business by:

  • Educating audiences without boring them
  • Demonstrating how to use your product
  • Addressing common questions about what you offer
  • Encouraging new website traffic
  • Simplifying complex topics or procedures
  • Personalizing your brand

Explainer Video Examples

Now that you know the explainer video basics, you’re probably looking for some worthy examples to inspire your business’s next video project. Allow the team at Forge Apollo to shed some light using content from our archive:

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Animated Explainers


Explainer Video Production in Philadelphia

Whether a brand requires a formal video shoot or a few frames, our creative team delivers content that revives marketing efforts. High-quality imagery and our top-notch distribution strategies breathe new life into campaigns. Contact the Philadelphia video production experts at Forge Apollo today to create engaging explainer videos for your brand.


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